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Benton Rd. 5, Alabama, United States. Main house with 8 bedrooms and 5 Reception rooms 2 Bedroom Coach House 2 Bedroom Gardeners Cottage....


  • Bathrooms: 3

  • Bedrooms: 3

  • 250cm²

Executive Home

United States, Alabama, Benton

$350000For Sale

Benton Rd. 5, Alabama, United States. Main house with 8 bedrooms and 5 Reception rooms 2 Bedroom Coach House 2 Bedroom Gardeners Cottage....


  • Bathrooms: 2

  • Bedrooms: 2

  • 170cm²

Modern Family House

United States, Alabama, Benton

$150000For Sale

Double Church Rd 5, Benton, Alabama, United States. Beautifully decorated garden house at Tai Tam waterfront....


  • Bathrooms: 2

  • Bedrooms: 2

  • 250cm²

Ottoman Style Triplex

United States, Alabama, Benton

$2560000For Sale

Curtis Cuarter no.15, Benton, Alabama, United States. Entrance hall Drawing room Dining room Kitchen Morning room Five double bedrooms Three bathrooms Cloakroom...


  • Bathrooms: 2

  • Bedrooms: 3

  • 180cm²

Grand Triplex (Limited time)

United States, Alabama, Benton

$5000000For Rent

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Top Real Estate Developers in Chennai

Top Real Estate Developers in Chennai

Chennai is quickly becoming one of the top real estate destinations in the country. Real estate in Chennai is one of the best areas of investment, with almost guaranteed returns. This city is home to a number of major real estate groups which have contributed to its growth and expansion. Homebuyers are spoilt for choice as the residential properties here have the highest quality of construction, are situated in prime locations and are available at affordable prices. Here are the biggest real estate developers in Chennai which homebuyers should definitely explore.

1. Casagrand

Casagrand Builder Private Limited was established in the year 2004.They are an ISO-certified real estate company located in Chennai and are one of the most trusted real estate developers in South India. They have a repertoire of superior quality homes in localities like Bangalore, Kodaikanal and Coimbatore. Many of Casagrand’s landmark projects are located on OMR.  Casagrand Pallagio and Casagrand Elan are a collection of premium luxury villas on OMR. The Casagrand Esquire project is a selection of luxurious apartments in OMR. Casagrand also has a range of 1 and 2bhk compact homes available at an affordable, reasonable price. Both apartments and villa projects are situated in lush green environs where you can experience the joy of community living.

Location: Chennai, Bangalore , Kodaikanal and Coimbatore

2. Olympia Group

Olympia Group is one of South India’s biggest real estate developers. With over 2000 homes delivered and a built up area of over 5 million square feet to their name, Olympia Group is a major player in the real estate sector. They emphasise on delivering the highest quality homes featuring close attention to detail, unique design and expert craftsmanship. Olympia Group is at the forefront of real estate development in Chennai, Bengaluru and Kolkata. They have a number of prestigious projects to their name, many of which have been nationally and internationally acclaimed. These include Olympia Technology Park, one of the world’s largest LEED gold-rated green buildings in Guindy, Opaline, Chennai’s first ‘green residential project and Reflection, a collection of luxury sky-homes in ECR.

Location: Pallavaram, OMR, Guindy

3. Bashyam Group

Strong core values with emphasis on ethical business practices and customer-centricity has made Bashyam Group the leading developer it is today. Every home by Bashyam Constructions is passed through a rigorous test to make sure it meets their highest quality standards. They aim to deliver superior quality architecture and modernization in their designs and construction. The Bashyam Group also promises excellent service to customers to guide them through the entire journey, from commencement to handover. The Bashyam Group is well known for its superior range of apartments in OMR which are also available at affordable rates.

Location: RA Puram, Thandalam, Sholinganallur

4. Lancor

Lancor Holdings Limited is one of Chennai’s most prestigious real estate developers, having created landmark projects for over 30 years. It is a Public Limited Company and is also listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange. Some of their best-known projects include The Atrium apartments in Thiruvanmiyur, Westminster Healthcare and Manon Eternity, a commercial space in Alwarpet. Some of Lancor’s premium residential projects include apartments in OMR such as TCP Lakefront in Sholinganallur as well as Lumina in Guduvanchery, Townsville in Sriperumbudur and Cirrus in Valasaravakkam.

Location: Guduvanchery, Sholinganallur, Sriperumbudur, Valasaravakkam

5. Siddharth Housing

Sidharth Foundations and Housing Ltd. is a real estate developer based in Chennai that aims to deliver the highest quality homes and commercial spaces at affordable prices. Their current residential projects include The County, a collection of luxury boutique homes in OMR, Upscale, luxury apartments in Porur and Pearl, luxury villa-type apartments in Mogappair.

Location: Porur, Mount Road, Thoraipakkam, Arumbakkam, Mogappair, Mylapore, Kodambakkam and Anna nagar.

6. Altis

Altis is one of the leading property developers in Chennai, with a rich heritage of real esate experience behind them. With over 1.25 million sq.ft. of residential space to their name, Altis is one of the biggest real estate players in Chennai. They have a strong focus on quality, having delivered some of the most premium residences in Chennai that have changed the way people view living spaces. They are also proudly customer-centric and aim to guide their customers through every step of the process. Their latest projects include Oceanique, a collection of luxury apartments in ECR and Sri Lakshmi Vilas, landmark luxury villas in Chennai.

Location:  Muttukadu, Saligramam, Velachery and Vanagaram

These developers are some of the most prestigious real estate groups in Chennai. From affordable housing options to luxury villas, homebuyers have a huge variety to choose from. If you’re venturing into real estate investment, these are the best developers to explore.

Top 5 Real Estate Companies in Bangalore

Top Real Estate Companies in Bangalore

Real estate is the go-to medium of investment for most investors. Not only does it provide a guaranteed return of investment, it also comes with an added benefit of security and, to a few, a sense of beaming pride. If you are looking to invest in real estate properties in Bangalore, read on for a consolidated list of top property developers in the region who are known for their credibility and world-class standards.

real estate companies in bangalore

1.Brigade Developers:

The prestigious Brigade Developers are a household name in Bangalore. This reputed group was established in 1986 and soon rose to fame to become the top real estate company, headquartered in Bangalore. From top-notch residential and commercial projects apartments in Bangalore to retail and hospitality services, Brigade offers a full spectrum of property development, with over 20 million square feet of construction.

Apart from Bangalore, the Brigade Group has successfully completed projects in leading cities of South India like Chennai, Hyderabad, Kochi and Mysore. They also have a representative office located in Dubai.


Established in 1995, Shriram Properties focus on building contemporary living spaces with maximum utilization of space and natural light with optimal ventilation. They have an impressive built-up area of 20 million square feet with 45 million square feet of projects still under construction. They are a INR 90,000 crore financial group and are well known in the southern regions of India. Now, They are one of the top builders in Bangalore


Legacy – one of the leading property developers in Bangalore – was launched in 2006 by Mr. B.H. Krishnamurthy and Sanjay Shenoy, who later collaborated with Mr. Rakesh Prabhu to build the brand. These premium builders are known for the luxurious amenities they provide with every project. Additionally, the brand taps all types of projects from ultra-luxury condos to lower-end, premium flats in Bangalore


Sterling is one of the oldest and most-renowned developers in Bangalore who have been actively developing the topography of the city right from 1983. They believe in providing a personalized touch in each of their projects and love putting a smile on their customer’s faces when they get home after a long day at work. From luxurious apartments and premium flats to commercial hubs and gorgeous villas, they have developed a plethora of properties in Bangalore. In 2006, they expanded their expertise to Pune and have left no stone unturned in transforming the landscape of the city. Luxury apartments in Whitefield is the most luxurious projects they have, Do check this out.


Sobha Limited has completed 262 contractual projects and 102 real estate properties since their inception in 1995. They have developed a total of 70.54 million square feet of construction with an additional 68.4 million square feet of ongoing development. Additionally, Sobha Limited is predominantly ruling the Indian real estate industry with projects dotted all over Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Calicut, Mysore and Vishakhapatnam, to name a few. The corporate houses projected by these builders include big giants like Infosys, Wipro, HCL, Dell and Taj group of hotels. With stunning developments in 24 cities and 13 states pan India, it is safe to say that Sobha Limited should definitely top your list of property developers.


The above-mentioned property builders have vigorously contributed in developing the landscape of Bangalore. If you are planning to invest in the fast-developing industry of real estate, choose from our hand-picked list of leading real estate giants and find a house you can call home.

5 Things Every Real Estate Pro Knows

Staying ahead in the arena of Real estate investment requires a lot of groundwork. Understanding the significance of the property is the key to gain real estate returns. Those who make good money in the real estate market know that it is about how much you know of a property and how much of it can attract a large number of prospective clients. If every Real Estate Pro ticks off on our list of good practices, he is sure to see some good money in his kitty.

 Real Estate

 Local Area Scouting:

You must know the current trend of real estate prices in the area. Investors primarily look for properties whose prices are accelerating faster than other areas. The return on investment is vital for a real estate deal.  Check for average prices of properties in the location to fix your margins. Lowest and highest margins help you establish negotiable terms during a sale or purchase. To know about the surroundings of property you can follow the classified ads for real estate sales or talk to local real estate agents.


Real estate investors look for all the basic amenities that the target buyers would want in and around their properties. Prospective investors are often keen on the infrastructure available around the property site. The railway stations, bus-stops, a shopping mall are some of the necessary infrastructures which add value to your properties utility. Gather information on major projects slated to begin in the area. Spotting new development is as easy as observing the traffic flow and roads and lanes in the area.

Lower Property taxes:

Most crowded parts of a city demand exorbitant property taxes. Looking for areas of lower property taxes and future developments can help you save a lot on the investment. A real estate agent can help you identify the worst and best tax structures. You can also approach local tax assessor to know how much the town charges in taxes. It is also important to be aware if a reassessment of the tax system of a given area is possible shortly, as this may mean the rise of property taxes. Towns and communities which see a substantial influx of people are bound to increase property taxes as a measure to provide better infrastructure in the region.


Most Parents are looking for good schools for their children, and therefore Good schools in your area is a point of attraction for families. Sharp investors must look for schools with better quality of education that are moving up the ranking ladder. There are several ways to find this information. You can check the state government or follow the school ranking systems. Visit schools around the property and know about them. Schools with good performance usually are interested in disclosing information regarding itself.


Crowded cities have overpriced properties which increase exponentially with the influx of population trying to settle down in those parts.  Providing buyers with choices of properties at the outskirts of cities with a positive return on investments in the near future is an undeniable offer.

Commercial Real Estate Outlook in the US

Commercial real estate is a property that is used for non-residential or business purposes. These are leased out for workspaces rather the living spaces. This includes Gas stations to office spaces, hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, and supermarkets. While most businesses commercial spaces built on their own, others find it better to lease out workspace. Commercial Real estate is also an indicator of potential economic activity and thereby analyzed extensively by Economists.

Real Estate

A stronger current year:

The U.S. property market landscape in 2017 has been characterized by continued strong fundamentals, increased investor flows and high transaction volume. As for the economic landscape, the U.S. continues to grow moderately and add jobs. The U.S. employment gains continue to be strong, with unemployment dropping below 5.0 percent earlier this year, and adding to the demand for housing in a variety of forms, for office space, for the retail sector and industrial/distribution facilities. While many fear the end of the current economic cycle, the fact that the recovery was so protracted leads to believe that we may have another two years left in the current growth cycle.

Global Uncertainties:

The Brexit vote in the U.K. has added new uncertainties that will not be fully comprehended, much less resolved, anytime soon. For U.S. markets—real estate in particular—the impact is likely to be largely positive as U.S. assets become more attractive and valuable to global investors. We can probably expect enhanced inbound foreign investment in U.S. real estate as the U.S. becomes even more of a safe haven in the economies around the world are facing uncertainties. The IMF predicts higher economic growth in the world as emerging markets find their footing and commodities continue to recover from the dip during the last five years. Stronger global growth is likely to provide more real estate inflows into the U.S. market as the U.S. remains one of the most attractive commercial real estate markets.

Lowering interest rate:

Coming out of the global financial crisis, real estate has benefited from the economic recovery cycle and declining interest rates in most parts of the developed world, supporting attractive returns driven in large part by cap rate compression. As a result, current valuation levels in most sectors are elevated, and future returns should be expected to moderate. The investing environment is likely to shift from a “lower growth, lower rates, for longer” setting to a “higher growth, higher rates” backdrop, at least in the near term. While higher rates have the potential to lead to cap rate expansion, the current expectation is that stronger economic growth may translate into stronger rent

Drop in cost of Logistics:

The drop in oil prices have in turn affected the cost of logistics for companies. For most metro areas and property types, lower oil prices have been a net positive. Spending less on gasoline encourages consumers to spend more on other items, which helps retail and hotel market fundamentals. Lower oil and energy costs will also reduce certain construction, manufacturing and logistics costs. This aids business investment and expansion, which, in turn, increases demand for industrial and manufacturing space. Property markets will see a short-term lift due to a combination of improving tenant fundamentals and lower operating costs.


We have also published a content on how to invest in indian real estate. This blog will be helpful for NRI buying property in india